LABUST presented at the University of...

LABUST members and associates Matej Fabijanić, Matko Batoš, Marko Barišić, Kristijan Krčmar, and Mak Gračić presented not only our research laboratory and equipment but also the whole UNIZG-FER at this year's edition of the University of Zagreb Fair from November 9th to 11th. They showcased their student demo about the remote control of the Blueye Pro ROV from the Fair to our lab pool that had obstacle course to test the piloting skills of the interested Fair visitors.


Visitors had the opportunity to see and try out other selected student demos and talk with students attending FER to get useful information.  Interest in FER was not only shown by high-school graduates but there were various ages of children and adults who were interested in what FER offers. We hope that we have helped all interested visitors in the difficult decision that awaits them at the end of this school year, and next year we are waiting for you with new interesting demos! The Virtual FER stand will remain active and available to all, same as the web-pages of student demos.

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