Invitation to lecture series...

UWIN-LABUST ERA Chair Prof. Roee Diamant will be giving a series of 5 lectures on the topic "Tools for efficient academic research". The lectures will be held from 10:00 to 11:00 in the FER Grey Hall on the following Tuesdays: 7.11., 21.11., 5.12., 12.12. and 19.12. 2023.

The workshop will provide tools for conducting effective high-level research with focus on defining research objectives, conducting efficient literature surveys, planning ahead of experiments, paper and rebuttal writeup, and preparation of presentation slides.

The workshop is intended for PhD students and postdocs, and will be given in English. A summary of the contents of each lecture is given below.


Each class will focus on providing tools and examples for to-do and not-to-do. The lectures will be targeted for students conducting engineering research with the aim to improve paper acceptance rates and presentation skills.

Week 1, Nov. 7th 10:00am: Plan ahead your research. Becoming Superman: defining research objectives; explore research background; conduct preliminary work; Gantt keeping; the one-day-one-task approach.

Week 2, Nov. 21st 10:00am: Learn from your peers. How to read papers; tools for efficient literature search; conduct a “one-time” survey; techniques how to invent the new wheel; how to write effective survey.

Week 3, Dec. 5th 10:00am: Experiment planning. How to plan, implement and lead experiments from the hypothesis question, through data collection, and until analysis and conclusions.

Week 4, Dec. 12th 10:00am: Paper writeup. Step-by-step technique for clear writing; the “less-is-more” approach; the one-paper-one-story approach; how to answer reviewers.

Week 5, Dec. 19th 10:00am: Preparing your presentation. To-do and not-to-do in slide preparation; how to choose your visualization; text writeup (if you must) and equations; showing your results.

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