Project summary

UWIN-LABUST project aims to create conditions and opportunities at the University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical and Engineering and Computing (UNIZG-FER) in Croatia for high quality researchers and research managers to move and engage to achieve excellence in a sustainable manner within the area of Internet of Underwater Things (IoUT), at the Laboratory for Underwater Systems and Technologies (LABUST).

The objectives of the UWIN-LABUST project are:

  1. to recruit Prof. Roee Diamant from University of Haifa as ERA Chair holder who will establish his own team consisting of 2 PhDs, 2 post-docs, a technology transfer officer, and a group leader;
  2. to achieve excellence in the research area of IoUT (a network of smart interconnected underwater objects) with particular focus on 3 strategic research domains: a) underwater sensor communications, b) underwater acoustic signal processing, and c) underwater collaborative autonomy;
  3. to ensure sustainability of the achieved excellence; and
  4. to increase UWIN-LABUST group scientific involvement and visibility.

These objectives will be reached through a set of strategic measures: expert visits and outgoing study visits for providing knowledge transfer; research & innovation management trainings and establishment of Technology Transfer Office for transferring results from academia to industry; new MSc and PhD courses to ensure knowledge transfer to new generations; organization of workshops, summer schools and conferences for strengthening links to industry, end-users, and the scientific community. 


Project facts:

Project title: ERA Chair in Internet of Underwater Things at LABUST


Program: Horizon Europe


Type of action: CSA (Coordination and support action)

Grant agreement ID: 101086340

Start date: 1 January 2023

End date: 31 December 2027

Overall budget/EU contribution: € 2.499.300,50


Project Coordinator:

Prof. Nikola Mišković, Head of the LABUST lab

University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (UNIZG-FER)